This is the Haidiyakhandi Sapta Sati, 700 Names of the Divine Mother written in exquisite prayer by Shastriji,
Shri Vishnu Datta Mishra.
These verses are posted here for the benefit of all.
"Reading and reciting it cures incurable diseases, rids the mind of worries and solves all problems while the aspirant on the spiritual path attains the divine perfection he desires: prosperity in life, worldly happiness, and spiritual peace."
-Mahavatar Babaji, a.k.a. Haidakhan Babaji
May you be blessed always. Om Namah Shivay.

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1/18/2021 - 6:40:24 PM
42. Ratnaniva maharnavasya ganitum svapnepi no parayet suryasya pratibham kadapi sukavirnaiva kshamo varnitum.
Ittham te gunagauravanvita yashogatham paranandadam shaktah kotrabhave trilokajanani sarvatmana varnitum.

42. No one can even dream to count
the jewels at the bottom of the ocean
and even a gifted poet can't describe
the brilliant splendor of the sun.
In this way, bliss-bestowing Mother of the Universe,
who in this world is able
to tell the tale of Your Magnificence and Glory?

Artwork: Artist Unknown

1/17/2021 - 2:22:03 PM
41. Tyaktva gaurava-gandha-andha badhiran dine daya tavaki karunyam tava vishrutam tribhuvanerajeshvari sarvatah.
Ye te droharatapi papinivahah sarve tvaya satkritah dine hinajane kripavati kripavrittih katham vismrita.

41. Omitting those who are blind and deaf with self-importance,
You are moved to pity by the poor, Almighty Queen!
Throughout the Universe Your mercy is renowned.
Even those multitudes of ill-willed sinners
who hated You, You have transformed.
So why have You forgotten, merciful Mother,
this poor, wretched destitute of Yours?

1/15/2021 - 2:49:41 PM
40. Lakshmi tvam sadaya kripamritavaha danishvari dainyaha yatayachakatam surastavapurah samyachya bhiksham sakrit.
Tvam nityam dravase dayaparavasha dine dayakarini matardevi dayamayi kuru kripavrishtim sudhasyandinim.

40. You are the ever-flowing Source of Grace and of Abundance,
Lakshmi, Remover of all Poverty.
Just once the Gods appeared before You, begging;
thereafter nevermore they had to beg.
You melt with mercy, conquered by compassion,
and always benefitting the poor.
O Mother, Full of Mercy, let it rain
and shower the nectar of Your Grace on us.

Lakshmi Painting by Dr BKS Varma

1/14/2021 - 3:33:54 AM
39. Prabhvi tvam shirasi sthita tadapi kim sevevamanam kshitau chittam me trishitam kripamritakanam tvattonisham yachate.
Bhutva svati samutthavaridaghata-ananda-sindhudbhava tvam matah karunakanam vitara me santriptidane kshamam.

39. If You rest always on my head Almighty Mother,
why can't my life be free from insult on this earth?
I'm begging ceaselessly with thirsty heart
for even a drop of Your merciful elixir.
Become the star Arcturus and amass
dark rain clouds from the ocean of bliss;
bring a downpour of compassion.
Shower on me the rains of deep contentment.

1/10/2021 - 6:52:21 PM
38. Nana bhogaganananantavibhavan bhuktva bhave bhurishah triptim naiva gatosmi devi hridaye bhuyastrishapiditah.
Dhyatva te charanambujam svahridaye santriptidanekshamam mataste sharanamgatosmi varade sarveshvari pahi mam.

38. Enjoying all the various excitements
and countless pleasures over and over again,
still I find no trace of satisfaction.
Reflecting on Your lotus-feet deep in my heart,
Your lotus-feet only being able to bestow contentment,
Mother, I have come to seek Your shelter.
O Queen of All, grant me the boon of Your refuge!

1/9/2021 - 7:27:49 PM
37. Hemambhoruhakarnika viharini tvam shri rama nirmala tvam lokeshvaravanditanghrikamala sakshatsvayam sharada.
Adya tvam jagadishvari shrutinuta maya manoharini tyaktva te charanaravindasharanam kam mrityugrasam bhaje.

37. Residing on the golden blossom of the lotus,
You verily are Lakshmi pure and lovely.
You are Sharada Yourself, Goddess of Wisdom
whose lotus-feet the lords of the three worlds revere.
You are the Great Creative Captivating Power
whose praise is sung by all the Vedas.
Abandoning the shelter of Your lotus-feet,
who can serve You who is then a prey to death?

1/8/2021 - 1:35:49 AM
36. Bhaktanugrahanavratam tava sada jagarti matar hridi dasam mam kuru tavakam bhavathrishakrantam bhave bhurishah.
Dhanyah pujyatamah sa eva jagatamshreyaskarah sarvada shrimatte charanaravindayugale yasyastibhaktirdridha.

36. Forever lives the promise in Your heart,
O Mother, that You favor Your devotees.
Make me Your slave! I am exhausted
bearing the pangs of thirst for worldly things.
Foremost and fortunate in this world is only he
whose reverence for Your lotus-feet is firm.

1/6/2021 - 1:03:35 AM
35. Lokendrairabhivanditanghrikamala ya shrih svayam sharada bhaktanugrahanaya tapasaganan sambhajayanti vrajeh.
Datum vai tapasam phalam sumadhuram divyairnijairdarshanaih haidakhandaviharisadgurukripa santarayanti munin.

35. The kings of the three worlds adore Your lotus-feet.
You are Yourself the Goddess Sharada and Shri Lakshmi.
To favor Your devotees and reward the Gathering of Saints and Yogis
with the sweet fruit of their austerities,
You come Yourself as the Grace of the Supreme Master
who takes delight in Haidakhan, protecting all the sages.

1/4/2021 - 8:29:13 PM
34. Tvam matarjagatarini bhavabhayashreni samutsarini dinanathasutarini bhavanadisantarini sarvada.
Haidakhandavihari sadgurukripa chicchaktirahladini bhaktanugrahakarini bhavatu me thushta manoharini.

34. Redeemer of this World, O Mother,
You drive away the waves of worldly fears.
Always rescuing the poor orphans
You ferry them across the river of existence.
O Reveler of Haidakhan, Grace of the Supreme Master,
You are the bliss-bestowing Force of Consciousness.
O Mother giving favors to Your worshippers,
be pleased with me. You fascinate my mind!

1/3/2021 - 9:46:12 PM
33. Dhyatva dipashikham tamisraharanim tvam harinim suprabham andhesminbhavabithisankulapathi jyoti para vikshyate.
Santaptam kvathitam vilokya bhuvane karunyakadambini bhutva tvam kurushe kripamayi kripavarsham paranandadam.

33. Just as an oil lamp's flame dispels the darkness,
so shows Your Bright Light's Splendor, if remembered:
the narrow path in the deep darkness of this world.
Having observed this world I am burnt out, distressed.
Come as a bank of clouds of pity, Mother,
Compassionate One, and shower rains of highest bliss on me.

12/31/2020 - 9:10:33 PM
32. Rajni tvam kurushe dayaparavasham matarnijam manasam lokeshu prathita dayamayi jagatsantarini te daya.
Yasyalambamavapya papaniratastirnah mahapapinah mahyam dehi tadambapadayugalalambam nirashashrayam.

32. O Mother let Your mind be moved by mercy.
Illustrious is Your World-Redeeming Grace,
by whose support even the blackest sinners crossed the sea.
Mother give Your lotus-feet support also to me.
They are the shelter of the hopeless and despairing.

Photo of Mahavatar Hairakhan Babaji
Shiva Avatar, One with Divine Mother

12/26/2020 - 9:39:43 PM
31. Adharam jagatam characharamayim lokeshvaraivanditam tvam dhyayanti munishvarah svahridaye dhyeyanghripadmamparam.
Mataste charanaravindasadrisham nanyanmamalambanam tatpraptiryadi me bhavishyati tadananyasya chitte spriha.

31. Upholder of the word, of moving and unmoving,
praised by the lords of all the universe,
the kings of sages meditate with Your lotus-feet within their hearts
as the Highest Object of their veneration.
The vision of Your lotus-feet sustains me like no other.
If ever I will gain this,
no other wish will touch my heart.

12/25/2020 - 5:16:37 PM
30. Dinanuddharini bhavabdhitarani santarini te daya yamashritya sadaiva shailatanaye parangatah papinah.
Tasyalambanamadya dehi varade danishvari tvam mata tyaktva tvam vada kam prayami sharanam kanya dayarupini.

30. O Parvati Redeemer of the poor,
You are the ferryboat for those who seek Your shelter.
And with Your Grace many poor sinners reached the other shore.
O Mother known as Queen of Wealth,
grant me today the boon of Your refuge.
Abandoning You, O Mother full of Mercy,
tell me, who other than You shall give me shelter?


A Christmas Message from Mahalakshmi:
This verse today is so fitting for Christmas Day.
According to what we know of Jesus from the Bible,
He was a living embodiment of Parvati, redeemer of the poor.
He saw all as equal and loved all equally.
His miraculous powers were siddhis
and a testament to his level of enlightenment.
He was a living embodiment of the exact principles of
Sanatan Dharma.

Jesus is an example of all of us
when we ascend to our Higher Wisdom
of selflessness, love, generosity, forgiveness, and service to humanity.
These are the very tenants of Sanatan Dharma
the Eternal Way of harmony with each other and Nature.

Mother Mary is revered in Christianity
for having given birth to baby Jesus.
It is Great Mother that not only gives us life through birth;
She is also the Shelter,
whether it is a literal home, the empty sky above, or Mother Earth.
She is the food that nourishes our body
and even our body is Great Mother's abode.
This is why there is merit in the teaching of
holding Her Holy Feet in times of difficulty;
She is in All and will see you through any trials, easing your pain.

The shelter given to the father and mother of Jesus
on the night of his birth
can only be that of Great Mother Herself
who has been given many Names
so that she can be spoken to, invoked, and accessed directly,
so that Her divine conscious energy, as one with Jesus,
may enhance and enlighten our lives.
She is not separate from us, nor is Jesus, nor is anyone.
We are That.

As I continue on my spiritual path,
I can only see the oneness in these seemingly separate spiritual traditions.
The story that I grew up with from the Bible
continues to serve me well into my Dharmic path.
The heart of the teachings are the same.

Truly the way of the heart is clear: be good, do good, think good.
It is up to each of us to follow our heart, to be courageous, to be selfless, to allow an emptying of any notion which is untrue, and it is in this emptiness that Christ Consciousness can dawn in each of us and as a result, society.

It is a process of tearing down old structures that do not serve the highest good and that process can be painful.
That is why we can follow along with these verses of the Haidiyakhandi Sapta Sati, holding the feet of Divine Mother as our True Shelter on the night of our Birth into Christ Consciousness.

May you be well. May you weather whatever storm may come and emerge free from all suffering.

Om Namah Shivay

12/23/2020 - 8:51:06 PM
29. Chintam muncha madiya chitta!
Hridaye chintasva tam mataram sa sarvatra vane tathaiva bhavane prishthe purontarbahih.
Tasyah namarasayanam piva sakhe sa sarvatriptiprada nanyostiha daya supurnahridayo janati yo vedanam.

29. Discard your worries, mind!
Remember in your heart That Mother!
She is All-present: in the house and in the forest.
She is behind, in front, inside, outside.
Her Name, drink as the Elixir my friend.
She gives you Ultimate Contentment.
No other than She in Her abundant mercy
knows the afflictions of your heart.

12/23/2020 - 1:43:54 AM
28. Jyotistvam jagajivani bhagavati sadyah kripakarini tvam dhyayanti nirantaram sahridayashchidrupinim manase.
Sadyastvam kurushe kripamayi kripavrishtim sudhasyandinim kasmatvam kurushe vilambamadhuna rajeshvari pahi mam.

28. You are the Light that animates the world,
able to grant Your blessing in an instant.
Continuously the yogis contemplate You in their hearts
as the pure form of Ultimate Awareness.
Merciful Mother, in an instant
You bestow the nectar of Your Grace.
Why do You still delay my Queen?
Save me this very moment!

12/20/2020 - 6:20:01 PM
27. Dehi tvam shubhadarshanam nayanayoranandatriptipradam samsaredyavilinakhinnahridayam dhairyad vihinam shishum.
Margam te gahane banetinibidam naham vijane yatah tvam me panthanidarshika bhava kripadinasya mateshvari.

27. Grant me Your Holy Sight to satisfy my eyes with bliss.
Entangled in the world of daily life, my heart is in distress.
I am Your child and have no patience.
Most hidden is Your path in the deepest jungle,
therefore I know it not.
O Mother, be my guide; show me the path.
My Queen, I am dependent on Your Grace.

12/19/2020 - 10:41:58 PM
26. Yesham vai rasana na te japapara dhyane sthiram no manah karnau chaiva na te katharasasudhamadhuryasamradhakau.
Chetaste charanaravinda nakhabhasamradhane na sthiram tesham shricharanashritashrayapade bhaktirmanojna kutah.

26. He whose tongue is not engaged in repetition of Your Name,
whose mind is not set firm in meditation,
He who has no ear
for the sweet nectar of Your worshipper's narration,
who has not fixed his mind
on worship of Your lotus-feet's radiant nails,
how can he ever have devotion for the Holy Feet of Him*
whose shelter Shri Mahendra Maharaj has taken?

*Picture of Hairakhan Mahavatar Babaji, Shiva Avatar, Guru of Gurus

12/18/2020 - 12:23:26 AM
25. Naham te stavanam karomi hridaye seve, grine, na smare, padabjam tava yogidhyanavishayam chakshuh katham pashyatu.
Patah patakino bhavabdhigahane yaistvam smrita ekada mamam vismara he trilokajanani shighram prasanna bhava.

25. I do not praise You in my heart, nor do I serve You.
Forgetful, I do not repeat Your Holy Names.
Your lotus-feet reached by the yogis in deep meditation,
how can I ever hope to behold them with my common eyes?
You have saved sinners who, deep in the ocean of existence,
remembered You a single time.
O Sovereign of the Worlds, do not forget me.
Quickly, be pleased with me!

12/16/2020 - 6:54:28 PM
24. Tvam nathasi yada tada tava suto lokeshvanathah katham tvam shaktih sabala yada shirasi me dasah katham durbalah.
Tvam datri sukhasampadam suvarada dainyam tada me kutah tvam sakshatkamalam prasadasumukhim sarvashrayamashraye.

24. You are the Mistress of the World,
so how can I be called an orphan?
When Your strong Energy is resting on my head,
how can Your slave be weak?
You are bestower of prosperity and joy,
so how can poverty be mine?
You are the refuge for all seekers,
O Mother Lakshmi, cheering and serene!

12/15/2020 - 11:12:28 PM
23. Matarpahi dayamayi bhagavati dinam kripabhikshukam bhrantam karmavane vimugdhahridayam mayamarichervasham.
Chintajvalamaharnisham dahati mam tvam susthira vikshase dine sadhanahinatavakakripadhine dayamavaha.

23. O Mother, Full of Mercy,
save me, poor beggar, for compassion sake.
Errant and bewildered in Karma's Jungle,
my heart is spellbound by the mirage of illusion;
the flames of worry burn me day and night.
O Mother glance at me. You look quiet.
I have no means and I depend on You.
Come, have compassion!

12/13/2020 - 4:21:15 PM
22. Bandhurbandhumathapi gudha suhrido mitrani sviyanyapi bhratrinbhratriganah sutashcha pitaram patni nijam vallabham!
Ye chanye bahavo bhavetra vividhah snehanubadhah dridhah te matarvitathastyajanti purusham satyam tvamalamabanam.

22. Brothers and sisters, sons and daughters,
companions and intimate friends,
beloved spouse, all kith and kin,
all these and all the other bonds of love
which tie us firmly to this world,
man must give up. They are untrue.
You Mother are the only Real Support.

12/12/2020 - 8:52:09 PM
21. Tvatpadabjaratih sada sukhavaha svargadikam nashvaram tvam me snehamayi kripamritavaha ganga jagatpavani.
Dinah dushkritinashcha jivanivahananta tvaya tarita tvam tara jagadishvari bhagavati trayasva santarini.

21. Devotion to Your lotus-feet ever bestows a stream of joy,
for even Heaven and Earth will pass away!
As Ganga You are purifying the world;
O pour the nectar of affectionate Grace on me.
An endless stream of miserable sinners and creatures,
O Tarita, have been redeemed by You.
Tara, You are the Empress of the World
who ferries all across. Save also me.

12/11/2020 - 8:40:55 PM
20. Saubhagyam mama netrayornahi tatha yaddarshanam prapnuyamamba!
Tvam hi dayamayi dravasi chet praptirnavai durlabha.
Nissaretrabhave tvameva sabala sara rasala dhruva satyam shrijagadishvari bhagavati mam pahi lokeshvari.

20. My eyes are not so fortunate to behold Your sight,
but Mother, if You would only melt with mercy,
even Your vision would be easy to obtain.
Here in this world of vanities,
You are the Everlasting Powerful Essence.
Mother, You are the Absolute Sovereign of this world.
Queen of the Universe, grant me protection.

12/10/2020 - 3:56:32 PM
19. Chandre chandraprabha tvameva janani suryaprabha nirmala nakshatreshu chamatkritih suvimala tvadrupini lakshyate.
Vahnau dahakata jale sarasata bhumau jagaddharini shaktistepratima vibhati varade! Vishnau jagatpalini.

19. You are the moonlight Mother. You alone
shine in the pure light of the blazing sun.
The radiance of the stars is Your reflection.
You are the burning ardor of the fire;
in water, You are soft fluidity.
You are the Earth, upholding all Creation.
Unrivaled is Your Power's splendor.
As Vishnu's Shakti You uphold and bless the world!

12/10/2020 - 3:00:15 AM
18. Padme padmasamananetraruchire dikshasva dasam nijam ikshasva kshanameva sundari daya drishtya prasadam kuru.
Tvam matarjagatam prasadasumukhi sarvapadamnashini satyajnanamaye! Prapannavarade mam trahi dinam janam.

18. O Lakshmi with the shining lotus eyes,
bless this Your slave with Initiation.
O Lovely One, just with a little glance,
bestow on me Your Blessing's Grace.
O Mother of the World, pleasing and cheerful,
before You all my troubles fade away.
O fountain of True Knowledge, comforting those who seek Your shelter,
bless me and save me, poor creature that I am.

Painting of Lakshmi by Dr. BKS Varma

12/8/2020 - 3:30:21 PM
17. Nityam bhagyamativadarunataya sakam maya yudhyate vanchasiddhipradopi kalpavitapo matsamshritorkaprabhah.
Dhirvidya mama nishphala tadapi vai chinta, ni mam badhate vanchakalpalatasi sanmukhamaho tenasmyaham nirbhayah.

17. My fate always torments me with utmost cruelty.
Even the Wish-Fulfilling Tree, bestowing all desire,
when approached by me, is barren like the shallowart tree.
Intelligence and knowledge are of no avail to me,
yet worries cannot trouble me. I know no fear,
since You, the genuine Wish-Fulfilling Tree,
are sitting face to face with me.

12/7/2020 - 3:45:04 PM
16. Dainyanodvijate madiyahridayam bhagyam hi me tadrisham dhyayantvam shukhamavahami satatam tvadrupasammohitah.
Shrantoham pratipalayami satatam nityam pratikshakulo matastvadvashagam priyam tava shishum mam pahi ma pahi va.

16. My pitiful state does not afflict my heart;
my destiny is seeing with the eyes of poverty.
But whenever I meditate on You, joy comes to me;
Your form always enchants my heart.
I am tired yet full of anxious expectation,
waiting for You in every single moment.
I am dependent, Mother, on Your love.
I am Your child; save me or not. Do as You wish.

12/6/2020 - 6:33:33 PM
15. Karunyamrita puritam bahudaya vatsalya bhavaplutam mataste hridayam dayamrita rasairapurya manojvalam.
Ittham shastrapurana santavachanam satyam shivam sundaram pashyantya mama dainya durgati maho kasmanna santapyate.

15. Filled with the nectar of compassion
You overflow with the feeling of affection.
The essence of pure mercy fills Your heart;
it fills my heart, O Mother, with delight.
In this way, Epics, Saints and Scriptures
praise You as Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram*.
Seeing my poverty and misery, O Mother,
why are You not yet moved?


12/5/2020 - 7:51:49 PM
14. Matastvam hridayaravinda kuhare dhyatva kada nirmalam buddhim prapya sada bhavishyati namo nirlobha moham sthiram.
Yache tvam satatam pranamya shirasa vaddhanjalirmataram dehi tvaccharanabjayoh suvimalam bhaktim manojnam shivam.

14. O Mother, if we constantly remember
Your image in the lotus of our heart,
we will achieve Pure Understanding and our mind
will always be composed, without greed and deception.
Incessantly I pray to You, O Mother;
with lowered head and arms outstretched, I beg.
O give me pure devotion to Your lotus-feet,
entrancing and bestowing liberation.

12/3/2020 - 7:24:59 PM
13. Mataste hridaye kripa sukaruna samrajate sarvada tvamashritya dashananadi bahavo nichah gatah sadgatim.
Baloham janani tvadiya padayordasosmi dinartihe hine dinajane kripamkuru kripalvambe jagadvandite.

13. Mother, Your heart is ever full of radiant compassion.
Seeking Your shelter, Ravana and many more inferior souls
successfully have reached the Highest Goal.
I am Your child, O Life-bestowing Mother.
Your slave I am; annihilate my pain.
O Mother, worshipped by the world,
have pity on me, suffering, miserable man.

12/2/2020 - 9:42:12 PM
12. Ankadanka maham sadaiva niyatam bhrantosmi mohakulah dehaddeha manuvrajami satatam jvalam sahan jatharim.
Mohadhvanta samakuletigahane tvatpada padmashraya danyannasti dayamayi suvarade mahyam samalambanam.

12. From womb to womb I err, chased by ignorance.
Incessantly I pass through many incarnations,
bearing the flames of burning hunger
caused by the deep darkness of illusion.
There is no other shelter than Your lotus-feet.
O gracious Mother, grant to me the boon of Your support.

Photo by JD Marston of Haidakhandeswari Ma at Haidakhandi Universal Ashram in Crestone, Colorado, USA.

12/1/2020 - 7:22:49 PM
11. Bhrantoham bahuduhkhadagdhahridayo jivami dhigjivanam shrantoham bahujanma mrityujarasakranto bhave bhurishah.
Shantam te charanaravinda sharane klantam madiyam manah matastvam sharanam pradehi varade mam pahi lokeshvari.

11. Confused am I and many grievances have burnt my heart.
My life is miserable.
I'm tired of the many lives and deaths and sorrows of old age,
caught in the wheel of this transient existence.
How peaceful the shelter of Your lotus-feet is to my exhausted heart.
O Mother, Ruler of the Works, save me!
Grant me the boon of Thy refuge!

11/30/2020 - 11:19:04 PM
10. Doshashchenmama cheshvari gunamaye chittam katham dushitam tvam me punyaparikshika yadi tada lokastvadicchavashah.
Sankhyatita anantapapi nivahastratastvayadyavadhi matardevi dayamayi mama krite kutrasti te sa daya.

10. O Virtuous Queen, the whole world is at Your Will's command.
If there be any fault with me, how was my mind deranged
unless You willed it so to test my merit?
Up to this day, countless sinners have been saved by You.
Yet where, O Gracious Mother, went Your Grace for me?

11/29/2020 - 9:13:12 PM
9. Hridyantastalavasinim bhagavatimavedaye kim mukhat sarvajna jagadishvari gunavati janasi duhkham sukham.
Amba! Tvam nijapada pallavakripalambam nirashashrayam sadyo dehi dayamayi bhagavati mam pahi pahishvari.

9. O Mother dwelling in the deepest bosom,
what need is there to speak to You with words?
Omniscient Lady, You contain all the qualities.
You know the pains and joys that move my heart.
O Mother with Your bud-like lotus-feet,
give shelter mercifully to the hopeless.
Do not delay, Mother of Mercy; rescue me.
Save me, save me, O Highest Queen.

11/26/2020 - 8:20:29 PM
8. Jirna bhagyatari bhavabdhi gahano kallolamalakulah vayurvati bhayankaroti nividam dhvantam samacchaditam.
Avartabhramibhirvijrimbhitabhayo matarnimagnopyaham turnamsvamini te kripamritadrisha tirno bhaveyam dhruvam.

8. O Mother, old and broken is this vessel of my destiny
And deep waves agitate the high seas of my life.
The winds blow frightful and I am surrounded by deep darkness.
The whirlpool of the typhoon stirs my fear of being drowned.
By a quick glance my Queen, full of Your Mercy's Nectar,
bestow on me the certainty to cross.

11/26/2020 - 8:15:10 PM
7. Matarme hridaye tu nasti nitaram bhaktirbhavadhvamsini raktirnaiva cha padapadmayugale shakti kuto darshane.
Mudhe karmanibandhanena grasite mohandhabhute jade dine devi kripamayi kuru dayavrishteh sudhasinchanam.

7. No trace of love for You is in my heart O Mother
to cut the worldly ties, nor do I have devotion to Your lotus-feet.
So from where am I to have the strength to gain Your Sight?
Tied by the letters of wrong actions
blind am I and dumbfounded by deception.
O Mother, full of mercy, have compassion
and bestow nectar upon me, poor fool.

Art by Awakening Gaia

11/24/2020 - 11:32:34 PM
6. Tvam buddhidhritibhrantikirtiramala shraddha smritisadhana tvam medhatha daya kshama bhagavati lajja trisha cha spirha.
Kantih shanti janeshu shaktiramala vidyamanoharini drishtirvangamana indriyani janani tvatsattaya bhasitam.

6. You are Intelligence and Steadiness,
Perplexity and Flawless Fame.
Faith, Memory, and Discipline You are,
Modesty, Longing and Desire, Brightness and Peace You are.
In people You are Genuine Energy and Mind Transporting Wisdom.
Mother, Your Presence enlightens Sight, Voice, Mind and all senses.

11/23/2020 - 7:23:37 PM
5. Chandiste charanambuje suramatam chittam madiyam sada adharasi sada samastajagatam trailokyasantarpini.
Tvam tara tarani prabhasi varade jyotih pararupini durge raksha padaravindapatitam dasam tvadiyam shishum.

5. O Chandi, may my spirit always rest upon Your lotus-feet.
You uphold the Entire Universe and satisfy the Three Worlds.
Durga, You are the Sunshine Tara, Highest Form of Light.
Durga protect me, fallen at Your lotus-feet;
I am a slave of Yours, Your child.

11/21/2020 - 1:42:39 PM
4. Nityam hridguhavasinim
pranebhyopi priyam varenya
sushumapurnam param shashvatim.

4. Mother You are the Conscious Soul Herself, never born,
dwelling in the heart of all beings.
Full of supernal beauty, You incarnate as the Life Breath.
In the form of the Primordial Absolute Sound and Primordial Space
always brimming nectar.
In You I take refuge, who showers the nectar of bliss
and destroys the fears of life.

11/20/2020 - 11:18:57 PM
3. Jyotirjivanadharini trijagatam
bhavabhayashreni samutsarini.
vijayate shaktishchidakarini.

3. You are the Light, sustaining all life in the Three Worlds,
wearing the half-moon.
You help us cross the ocean of mundane existence
by dispelling the ever recurring fears of this world.
You are Wisdom, Prosperity, and Glory,
Supreme Knowledge elating the heart.
Reveller of Haidakhan, Victorious One,
You are the Manifestation of the Spirit's Force.

11/18/2020 - 1:34:31 AM

2. Haidakhandaviharisadgurukripamurtisvarupenaghe
adye tvam varadayini shrutinute vidye pararupini.
Yami tvam sharanam bhavartiharanim santaranim mataram
dehi tvam nijapadapadmavimalam bhaktim bhavadhvamsinim.

2. O Sacred Embodiment of the Grace of Satguru Haidakhandavihari,
You are the Supreme Incarnation of Original Wisdom.
The Vedas praise You, Bestower of Boons.
I come to Your shelter, Mother Savior;
You are relieving the anguish of life.
Bestow on me pure devotion for Your lotus-feet,
freeing me from the circle of birth and death.

11/18/2020 - 1:24:11 AM
Shri shardulasiddhendrastavah

1. Om siddhendrah siddhasankalpah
siddhikamah surarshayah.
Stuvanti paramodaram
mataram jagadambikam.

1. With firm determination and sincere desire to achieve perfection
the Rishis, Gods, and Yogis thus pray to the Supreme
Mother Jagadambika.

11/17/2020 - 8:22:19 PM
112. Sarvasam svamini nitya, haidakhandeshvari para.
Sarvah kripamayi bhutva, kurvantu mama mangalam.

112. Eternal and Almighty Sovereign,
Supreme Mother of Haidakhan,
become all merciful, O Mother;
bestow Your happiness on me.

113. Sambasadashivakunje, viharanvrindavasini.
Pritiprasararasika, haidakhandeshvari payat.

113. At the Sambasadashivakunj,
residing in Vrindavan,
You are engaged in spreading Love,
O Mother of Haidakhan.

114. Tvadiyanayananando, dasah shricharanashritah.
Sarvada mangalam kuryat, varam dehi sureshvari.

114. As Your slave Charanashrita (Mahendra Maharaj)
is Your Eyes delight,
be thus our cause of Happiness;
O Mother, grant this boon to us.

11/15/2020 - 8:42:17 PM
109. Yamabhagini cha vanadevi, suryaputri sushitale.
Namaste krishnavarahi, raktakshi cha shreshthini.

109. We bow to You Sister of Death, Daughter of Sun,
to You, Goddess of Forests and of Coolness.
We bow to You Krishna and Varahi,
to You, Supreme One with the blood-red eyes.

110. Akashi kalaratri cha, jaye tubhyam namo namah.
Vijaye dhumavati tubhyam, vagishvari namo namah.

110. Goddess of Space and Black-Moon Night,
Hail to You, We bow and bow to You.
Glory to You Goddess of Smoke,
Goddess of Speech, we honor You.

111. Katyayani namastubhyamagnihotri namo namah.
Mahavidye chakradhari, ishvari tvam natah vayam.

111. Mother of Fire Sacrifice,
O Durge, deeply we bow to You.
Supreme Wisdom, Holder of Chakra,
O Queen of Queens reverence to You.

11/13/2020 - 1:47:03 PM
106. Niranjane narasimhi hemakante namo namah.
Pretasane cha ishani, vaishvanari namo namah.

106. To You the Natural One we bow,
Narsinghi, shining with a golden Hue,
to You Who's seat is on a corpse,
Hail to You Ishani and Vaishvanari.

107. Vaishnavi yamaghante cha, vinayaki namo namah.
Namah sarasvati shile, harasiddhishcha shitale.

107. O Mother, ruling over death, we bow to You.
You are Vinyaki and Vaishnavi.
Reverence to You, Mother of Knowledge and of Virtue,
to You Shitala and Harasiddhi.

108. Namaste shankhani chandi, padmini chitrini namah.
Varuni vanadevi cha, narayani namo namah.

108. We greet You Shankini and Chandi.
Hail to You Padmini and Chitrini
Obeisance to You Varuni and Bandevi,
Narayani we bow to You.

11/10/2020 - 7:27:43 PM
103. Chamunde cha mahakali jvalamukhyai namo namah.
Namo namo bhadrakali, kamakhye cha kapalini.

103. Chamunda and Mahakali,
to You with Flaming Mouth, we bow;
Bhadrakali, Gracious Devi,
Kamakhya and Kapalini.

104. Namaste ambike durge, lalite gauri te namah.
Sumangale namastubhyam rohini kapile namah.

104. O Mother Ambike, Durga,
Fair is Your Beauty, reverence to You;
Auspicious One, we bow to You,
Consort of Kapila and of the Moon.

105. Namah shulakare devi, kundalini tripure namah.
Kurukulle bhairavi bhadre, chandravati namo namah.

105. Reverence to You who brandishes the lance,
coiled like a snake, Queen of Tripura.
You are the Queen of snakes and Bhairavi.
Hail to You Bhadra and Chandravati.

11/8/2020 - 1:50:39 PM
100. Namo vishvajite pukhe, punye kanye namo namah.
Brahmasvarupe buddhimayi, bale taruni vallabhe.

100. Hail to You, Conqueror of the world;
We bow to You O Brilliant Pure Being.
One with the Brahma and Pure Understanding,
You are young, powerful, and beloved of all.

101. Namaste bhuvananandadayini dhanyadohini.
Dipta bhitihare chandi, narayani namostute.

101. Reverence to You, blessing the world with bliss,
bestower of all grains.
To You, Dispeller of all fears, glowing with spendor;
we bow, Shakti of Narayana, Mother Chandi.

102. Namo brahmani varahi, kumari shankari namah.
Namo indrani kankali, karali kalike namah.

102. To You Brahmani, Varahi,
Kumari, Shankari, we bow.
Hail to You Indrani, Kankali,
Karali, and Mahakali.

11/6/2020 - 2:33:25 PM
97. Namo darashaye devi, duhkhaharini te namah.
Namo devo mayi divye, devesh dainyanashini.

97. Being malicious to the wicked,
we bow to You, Remover of all Pain.
Mother of all the Gods,
You are their Queen, destroying poverty.

98. Navaniradaghanashyame, niravadye namo namah.
Namah sarvagunadhare, sarvajne sarvadarshini.

98. You are as dark as newly gathered rainclouds.
O Blameless One, we bow to You.
You are the base on which all qualities appear.
You know all, You see all, reverence to You.

99. Namah padmapriye devi, padmasthe padmasambhave.
Nrityavaditrarasike, panchangi tvam natah vayam.

99. Mother we bow to You who loves the lotus.
Born of the lotus, lotus is Your throne.
You take delight in music and dance;
to You of the Five Qualities, we bow.

11/3/2020 - 11:47:36 PM
94. Hiranyavarne harini, klinkari te namo namah.
Jyotsne jyotirjaye nitye, vijaye jayashalini.

94. O Harini of Golden Hue,
Your sound is 'KLIM'; we bow to You.
Your lightening strikes Eternal Victory;
of all the victories, the last belongs to You.

95. Jvalini jvalini durge, jvalangi tvam natah vayam.
Namaste tapani devi, tapani papanashini.

95. You are like blazing fire, Mother Durga.
Your limbs are flames; we bow to You.
Mother Your nature is the Heat.
You burn away all sins.

96. Jaya tvam lalite tivre, namastripurasundari.
Dushtanam mardani maye, namaste dinavatsale.

96. You are of striking beauty, Mother Lalita;
Tripurasundari we bow to You.
O Durga, You destroy the wicked
but care for the poor; reverence to You.

Photo of Haidakhandeswari Ma by JD Marston

11/2/2020 - 6:11:17 PM
91. Namah shakambhari durge, shatakshi tvam natah vayam.
Namaste shobhane chandi, shivachandi namo namah.

91. Through Your Grace Durge, all the herbs are growing.
We bow to You having a hundred eyes.
Obeisance to You, handsome Chandi;
O Shiva Chandi, deeply we bow to You.

92. Sacchidanandarupa tvam, lokapavani te namah.
Sarvangasundari devi, simhike satyavadini.

92. You are Pure Being, Consciousness and Bliss.
You purify the world; reverence to You.
Mother of flawless Beauty, seated on the lion,
Your words are always true. We bow to You.

93. Harapriye himasute, haribhaktipradayini.
Namo haripriye divye, padme tvam natah vayam.

93. Beloved of Shiva, Daughter of the Snows,
You kindle the pure love for God in us.
Divine Love of Shri Vishnu, praise to You.
We bow to you, O Lotus-loving Lakshmi.

10/29/2020 - 8:10:11 PM
88. Namaste modani matar, madhumalini te namah.
Bhishakvare merudande manidvipanivasini.

88. Obeisance to You, O Delightful Mother;
Goddess of Springtime, reverence to You.
Being Supreme Physician and the Central Axis,
You dwell forever on the Jewel Island!

89. Manmathe cha mahabhage, medini mahime namah.
Mandavi cha mahadevi, manjule tvam natah vayam.

89. You stir the mind and are the Greatest Fortune;
O Glorious Mother Earth, we bow to You.
You are Mahadevi and Mandavi;
beautiful Manjule, we bow to You.

90. Namaste yogini siddhavatsale balaposhini.
Namo vishvartiharini vishvavandye namo namah.

90. Obeisance be to You, O Yogini,
tenderly loving all saints, feeding all children.
You free the world of all its pain.
The whole world worships You; reverence to You!

10/28/2020 - 1:14:11 AM
85. Namaste sargarahite shambhavi sphatikaprabhe.
Duratyaye namastubhyamatmarupini te namah.

85. Reverence to You Who has never been created.
Your shine like purest crystal, Shambhavi;
Unfathomable One, we bow to You.
You are the Universal Soul.

86. Namaste dharane dhatri dharini dharini namah.
Namaste nirgune matar niranjani namo namah.

86. We bow to You, the very Power of Preservation,
Sustainer and Upholder, Mother Earth.
Mother, You are devoid of Attributes;
We bow to You beyond all name and form.

87. Prite patalanilaye priyadarshini te namah.
Vayasi tvam vidalicha bhavaharini te namah.

87. O Joyous One, Your mansion is the Underworld.
You are of beautiful appearance.
We bow to You Vayasi and Vidali
who frees us from the transient existence.

10/26/2020 - 10:08:36 PM
82. Chandrachude namastubhyam chetane vindhyavasini.
Jyeshthe shreshthe namah preshthe jvale jagritike namah.

82. You wear as diadem the crescent moon;
You are pure Wisdom, living on Mount Vindhya.
You are foremost amongst the great and most beloved.
Prostrations to You, Flaming One, who brings Awakening.

83. Karalini namastubhyamekavire namo namah.
Namaste durgamaloke, durge durgatiharini.

83. Prostrations to You, Terrifying One.
We honor You, of Incomparable Valor.
O Splendid Mother, difficult to reach,
to You we bow, Durga, Remover of All Pains.

84. Namaste madhavinande, bhramari bhramari namah.
Namaste vritrashamani mrigavati namonamah.

84. Prostrations to You, Madhavi, Delightful One;
Your names are Bhramari and Bhramari One.
Obeisance to You, Slayer of the Demon Vrita.
Glory Glory to You Mrigavati.

Painting of Bhramari Devi Goddess of the Black Bees c/o Rama19920,

10/25/2020 - 5:23:41 PM
79. Chaturvargaprade devi, chandrarupini te namah.
Namashchandranane subhru, chandrakante namo namah.

79. Mother bestowing the four aims of life,
You are the Moon; we bow to You.
Your lovely brows adorn Your moonlit face.
You are as fair as moonlight; Hail to You!

80. Namashchinmayi chitre tvam chitsvarupe jagaddhite.
Namo vishvamayi matar, jagatpujye namo namah.

80. You are the Cosmic Mind assuming wondrous forms.
As the Great Spirit, You are working for the world.
Obeisance to You, Omnipresent Mother,
You are worshipped by all throughout the spheres.

81. Jayankari namastubhyam, namaste jayade jaye.
Utpalakshi namastubhyam manibhe garime namah.

81. We bow to You, who does not know default,
Triumphant One, bestow on us Your victory.
Your eyes are reminiscent of the blue lotus.
You are the Light of Jewels. Hail to You!

10/24/2020 - 8:26:01 PM
76. Namah kripamayi matar, kamaniye kalavati.
Namaste shantisamyukte, kshame kharparadharini.

76. We bow to You O Mother, Full of Mercy,
Kalavati in Your celestial charm.
You ever dwell in peace, full of forgiveness,
holding the drinking bowl of skull
(chalice to thwart enemies*)
Honor to You; salutations merciful mother, charming personification of Durga

77. Digambare namastubhyam, shulini arinashini.
Namo gadini ghoratame namaste tamaharini.

77. O Sky-clothed One, we bow to You,
Holding the spear, Slayer of Foes.
We greet You, Bearer of the Mace,
Awesome Dispeller of all fears.

78. Namashchakradhare devi, chatule charuhasini.
Chandamundavadhe krishne namashchandi prachandike.

78. We greet You Devi, Holder of the Divine Chakra;
Your words are sweet and lovely as is Your smile.
Mahalaki, You have slain Chanda and Munda;
Majestic Chandi, we prostrate to You.

*enemies are lust, anger, ego, avarice, delusion, and jealousy

10/23/2020 - 11:44:16 AM
73. Kasturitilake devi, shrikeshavanute namah.
Kasturirasaliptangi, kamacharini te namah.

73. The sign of musk adorns Your forehead, Mother.
Sri Keshava sings Your Praise, we bow to You.
The essence of pure musk anoints Your body,
O Mother, moving at Your pleasure. Hail to You!

74. Namo kirtimati matar, namaste kirtimalini.
Kameshvari kamarupe, kamadayini, te namah.

74. Obeisance to You, celebrated Mother,
garlanded with celestial fame.
You rule over all desires,
assume their form and grant their fulfillment.

75. Namaste kalike bhadre, kuladyeye namo namah.
Krure shure cha kutasthe, sarve devi natah vayam.

75. Prostrations to You, lovely Kalika;
You have been worshipped by all our ancestors.
Being immutable force, You are both brave and cruel.
We bow to You Sharve, Shakti of Shiva.

10/22/2020 - 2:32:49 PM
70. Apare amale devi, amite tvam namo namah.
Namaste shankari devi amrite pratime namah.

70. O Mother, ever pure beyond conception,
O Boundless One, we bow to You.
We greet You, Spouse of Shankara;
You are pure nectar and beyond comparison.

71. Akarshani namastubhyam, aveshini namo namah.
Namaste ojapunje tvam, tikshne devi namo namah.

71. Of all attractiveness, You are attraction.
Of all elation, You are exaltation.
You are the very source of vital vigor.
You are acuity, O Mother; honor be to You!

72. Namo riddhisvarupe tvam, vriddhirupe namo namah.
Ojasvini namastubhyam, kalyanini namo namah.

72. You take the form of all abundance;
all growth is under Your command.
You are the vigor of all living creatures.
We honor You, O Benefactress of the World.

10/20/2020 - 7:06:17 PM
67. Namaste vishvajanani, namaste vishvavasini.
Ajaramare namastubhyam, ajitam tvam natah vayam.

67. You are the Matrix of this Universe
yet at the same time, You abide in it.
Unchanging, Ever Youthful and Immortal,
we bow to You who never knows defeat.

68. Bhayankare namastubhyam namo vishvamanohare.
Ghorarupe namastubhyam jayanti papanashini.

68. Prostrations to You, Hideous one,
who captivates the World's attention.
O Awe-inspiring one, we bow to You.
You are victorious and destroy all our sins.

69. Namaste shabarimatar kiratini namonamah.
Abhyantare namastubhyam mudre abhayadayini.

69. We greet You Mother Shaberi.
Kiratini we bow to You.
To You, the one within, we pray.
Your Blessing hand dispels all fear.

Art by Awakening Gaia

10/19/2020 - 3:49:05 PM
64. Jaya shvetambare devi, jaya shubhreghaharini.
Namah shriramabhadrasya priya janakanandini.

64. We hail to You, Devi draped in white;
Your radiance destroys all sin.
You are the beloved of handsome Ram,
Daughter of Janak, the great King.

65. Namaste avadhanandadayini maithilatmaje.
Samsararnavamagnanam tarini bhavaharini.

65. You are the Sunshine of Ayodhya (unconquerable city),
known as the daughter of Great Mithila.
You save those drowned in the worldly ocean;
we bow to You, dispeller of all fears.

66. Namah shrikrishnachandrasya hridayabjanivasini.
Hladini chinmayi radhe, sacchidanandadayini.

66. We bow to You whose permanent abode
is in Shri Krishnachandra's Lotus-heart.
You exhilarate the soul with ecstacy
Radha! You are Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss.

10/17/2020 - 12:19:38 PM
61. Jaya shailendrasatputri namaste brahmacharini.
Namo dakshasute devi sati mangaladayini.

61. Hail to You, true daughter of Shailendra;
obeisance to You, Brahmacharini.
Honor to You, Devi, Daughter of Daksha;
O Sati, You bestow felicity.

62. Parvati paramodara aparne tvam natah vayam.
Bhavani jagadambe tvam namaste bhavamochani.

62. O Parvati, You are sublime; during Your penance
You did not even take dry leaves;
Bhavani, Universal Mother, Spouse of Shiva,
we bow to You, redeemer of this world.

63. Namo binadhare devi sudhasrave namo namah.
Shabdabrahmamayi matah shvetapushpsushobhite.

63. You are the One who holds the Vina;
You are the Source when the stream of nectar flows.
The very Word of God, You are, O Mother,
and garlands of white flowers are Your clothes.

10/13/2020 - 9:58:39 PM
58. Namaste vedavadena samstute bhayanashini.
Abhishtavarade matah sarvasiddhipradayini.

58. Hail to You who takes away all fears;
Your praise is sung by the Vedic mantras.
O Mother, grant us our desired boons.
You give all perfections and attainments.

59. Namah pitambare devi pitamshukasushobhini.
Pitapushpangaragaishcha bhushite siddhidayini.

59. We bow to You, draped all in yellow vestments,
embellished with a garment all in yellow,
adorned with yellow flowers and scented powder.
You are bestower of achievements and perfections.

60. Namaste sarvalokanam sada durgatinashini.
Trikaladarshani matar namo kalavinashini.

60. Prostrations to You, Mother who forever
removes the sufferings of the Universe.
You see the past, the present, and the future.
We bow to You, Devourer of Time.

10/12/2020 - 7:00:07 PM
55. Namashchinmayarupayai bhuvaneshvaryai namo namah.
Jneyajnananasvarupayai siddhidevyai natah vayam.

55. We bow to You; You are Supreme Awareness.
Prostrations to You, Empress of the World.
You are the knowledge of all that can be known.
O Perfect Devi, we will ever bow to You.

56. Namaste sarvadevanam rakshike bhayamochani.
Raksho danavasainyanam mardini ranachandike.

56. You are protecting all the devas
relieving them of all their fears.
O Ranachandika, You overthrow the hostile armies
of devils and demons; Hail to You!

57. Namaste sidhupanena arunayitalochane.
Nishumbhamathini raudre mahakaye namastute.

57. We bow to You who drinks the bowl of the wine
until Your eyes turn reddish like the sky at dawn.
O dreadful Raudri, You have slain Nishumbha;
Gigantic Mahakaya, Hail to You!

10/11/2020 - 5:48:18 PM
52. Namaste vaishnavi shaktirvishvabrahmanda poshini.
Shrim namah shrimahalakshmih sarvasampatpradayini.

52. You are Lord Vishnu's all-sustaining Shakti,
fostering the Spheres of all Creation.
Your everlasting seed-sound is "SHRIM", Sri Mahalakshmi.
You give all plentitude and all perfections.

53. Maheshvari namastubhyam srishtisamharakarini.
Hrim namah shrimahamaye jnaninamapi mohini.

53. We bow to You, Maheshvari;
You cause dissolution of Creation.
Mahamaya Your seed sound is "HRIM";
as Mohini You fascinate even sages.

54. Brahmavishnushivakalpastvadrite parameshvari.
Tvam shaktih parama divya lokarakshanatatpara.

54. Without You even Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh
are powerless, O Mighty Queen of All.
You are the Highest Energy Divine,
ever engaged in safeguarding the Spheres.

10/8/2020 - 11:38:48 AM
49. Parashaktih paravidye parashantih paratpare.
Matah sarvagunadhyakshe brahmavishnushivastute.

49. You are the Force Sublime, Exalted Wisdom,
Absolute Boundless Peace, beyond the Ultimate.
Mother, You are above the reach of all the qualities;
Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva bow to You.

50. Dayarupadhare bhavye dayadhine maheshvari.
Jnana jyotipradenante sarvaishvaryasamanvite.

50. You have assumed the form of Great Compassion;
You are yourself subservient to Your Grace.
O Boundless One, kindling the Light of Knowledge,
You are endowed with all majestic Traits.

51. Namaste brahmanah shaktirlokasrishtividhayini.
Ainkari sharade nitye vishvamangaladayini.

51. You are Lord Brahma's generative Shakti,
thus giving shape to all crations and the worlds.
Your everlasting seed-sound is the "AIM," Eternal Sharada,
bestowing happiness on all the world.

10/6/2020 - 4:38:08 PM
46. Namo haidakhandasya guhamadhyaviharini.
Jagatsantarini tare, tarakasuraghatini.

46. Obeisance to You, Mother who resides
amid the holy cave of Haidakhan.
You help all beings cross the worldly ocean.
O Tara, slayer of the demon Tarak, Hail to You!

47. Namo devi jagaddhatri, dhanye narayanapriye.
Abhishtasiddhide nande mahamaye namo namah.

47. You uphold the entire Universe.
We bow to thee Narayani, Beloved of the Lord.
O Joyous One, You grant us all our heart's desires.
O Absolute Creative Force, we bow to You.

48. Namo muktiprade devi srishtisthitipradayini.
Nirgune buddhivanibhyamatite vishvavandite.

48. We bow to You; You give Ultimate Redemption.
You grant the Creation's continuity.
You are above all intellect and words, devoid of qualities.

10/4/2020 - 8:59:54 AM
43. Namaste sarvadevanamaradhye bhagadheyini.
Bhadrakali mahamaye mahadevapriyankari.

43. By all the devas and devis, Mother You are worshipped.
Bestower of Good fortune, Hail to You!
You are the Loving Consort of Lord Shiva, Bhadrakali
and Mahamaya, Great Creative Energy.

44. Kalyanini namastubhyam shive mangaladayini.
Sharanagatasantranatatpare haravallabhe.

44. We bow to You Kalyanini, Auspicious One,
Mother Shiva, Bestower of Felicity.
All eager to protect whomever seeks Your shelter,
to Your Lord Shiva, You are very dear.

45. Namah srishtimayi matar, purusharthapradayini.
Shuddhabuddhipradenante sarvasaubhagyadayini.

45. Mother, You manifest Yourself throughout Creation;
You grant to all the aims of life:
health, enjoyments, purpose, and liberation.
O Infinite one, give Pure Understanding.
I bow to You who grants us all good fate.

10/3/2020 - 3:55:14 PM
40. Matardevi namastestu, sarvasiddhim prayaccha me.
Sharane prapannam dinam mam, trahi trahi sureshvari.

40. I pay obeisance to Thee Divine Mother;
bless me with all divine perfections.
Deep in distress, I'm yearning for Your shelter;
save me, O save me Mighty Queen.

41. Kathaghariyasthite ramye, matastrailokyavandite.
Amandanandasandohapurite te namo namah.

41. In Kathgharia You dwell, Lovely Mother.
Your praise is sung throughout the Three Worlds.
You yield bliss in all abundance;
O Devi, deeply we bow to You.

42. Vedamurtimayi matar, shashvati yugadharini.
Shankha-chakra-gadahaste, namaste varadayini.

42. O Mother, You embody the four Vedas;
You uphold the perpetual wheel of ages.
Your hands hold chakra, conch-shell and the mace;
bestower of all boons, we bow to You.

10/1/2020 - 5:13:28 AM
37. Namaste shubhadaityasya, mardini bhayanashini.
Nishumbhamathani matardevadanavasamstute.

37. To You who killed the demon Shumbha,
thus scattering all fear, we bow.
You made mash and mangle of Nishumbha;
You are adored by gods and demons both.

38. Namaste raktabijasya, shonitaughasutarpite.
Mahishasya sasainyasya, mardini ranachandike.

38. We bow to You who quenched Your thirst
by drinking Raktabija's (demon) stream of blood (thereby eliminating the continuation of evil).
Obeisance to You Chandika, who won the war
against Mahishasur and all his armies.

39. Shatrunam prabalam sainyam, turnam mardaya mardaya.
Ucchataya ripundevi, kripam kuru maheshvari.

39. Do not delay to beat and batter
the mighty forces of the foe.
Exterminate the enemies*, O Mother;
have mercy Maheshwari.

*Enemies are anger, lust, ego, avarice, delusion, and jealousy

9/29/2020 - 3:46:02 AM
34. Muktabhushitasarvangabhushite parameshvari.
Navavidrumavarnadhye, dhyeyarupe namo namah.

34. O Highest Queen, on every limb,
You are bedecked with pearls.
We bow to and we meditate on You,
appearing in the color of new corals.

35. Jaya sarvangate durge, namastripurasundari.
Shabdabrahmamayi matar, vakyasiddhim, prayaccha me.

35. Victory to You, All-pervading Durga,
We bow to You Tripurasundari.
You are the Very Word of God;
Grant that my speech is always one with Truth.

36. Madam churnaya shatrunam chandike darpanashini.
Arinam hridayam bhindhi, shulagrena tarasvini.

36. O grind the enemies'* arrogance into the dust
and break their pride, O Mother Chandika.
O Valient Devi, pierce You prong
right through the enemies' heart.

*Enemies are lust, anger, ego, avarice, delusion, jealousy

9/26/2020 - 9:36:52 PM
31. Bhaktabishtaprade devi, dhanam dehi dhaneshvari.
Dehi saubhagyamarogyam, dehi putransukham yashah.

31. O Devi, fulfiller of Your bhakta's wishes,
O Queen of Wealth, give us prosperity.
Bless us with songs and happiness and fame.
Bestow on us good fortune and good health.

32. Namaste yamininathalekhalankritakuntale.
Jnanavijnanajanani bhogamokshapradembike.

32. We bow to You Beloved of the Night,
The crescent moon adorns Your radiant hair.
You are The Source of knowledge and of science;
Ambika, grant us pleasure and redemption.

33. Namaste kalpavallinam sumandapasushobhite.
Vanchakalpalate divye, padma sanavirajite.

33. You are the wish-fulfilling Gem Thyself,
seated in perfect lotus posture.
O Splendid One, resting beneath the canopy
formed by the wish-fulfiling creeper (vine)

9/25/2020 - 9:16:49 PM
28. Vanchakalpalate divye, kadambakusumapriye.
Mohini twam mahamaye, maheshvari namo namah.

28. You are the tender wish-fulfilling tree
and You are fond of the Kadamba flower.
Your magic veil conceals the Truth beyond illusion;
Consort of Shiva, Glory be to You!

29. Daridryadainyashamani, padmaragamanipriye.
Purne vishvambharishani, annapurne namostute.

29. You are alleviating pain and misery.
The ruby is Your favorite amongst the gems.
Obeisance to You Annapurna Ishani;
You nourish and sustain the world with grain.

30. Namaste jagadanandadayini jagadambike.
Kalpaprasunamalabhirbhushite varadayini.

30. We bow to You, O Mother Ambika,
who fills the Universe with bliss.
The garland of the wish-fulfilling flower
adorns You, who is granting every wish.

9/24/2020 - 10:36:08 PM
25. Namaste haidayakhandeh shivasya hridayasthite.
Siddhashramavanoddeshe, vihararasikembike.

25. Obeisance to You, Mother who resides
ever in Haidakhandi Shiva's Heart.
O Ambika, You dwell in Divine Delight
at the Siddhashrama's sacred forest site.

26. Namaste siddhasiddheshavanditanghrisaroruhe.
"Charanashrita" - sarvasve, kriparupesvarenaghe.

26. Your lotus feet are worshiped by the Perfect Saints
and Masters of the Secret Teachings.
You are the sole desire of Shri Charanashrit's heart;
You are Embodiment of Pure Compassion.

27. Namastrailokyasantranatatpare parameshvari.
Sarvajne sarvanilaye, sarvasadhanasiddhide.

27. O Highest Queen, to You we bow,
who is ever eager to protect the threefold world.
You are all-knowing, all-pervading, and bestow
success for every penance followed with persistence.

9/23/2020 - 12:48:57 AM
22. Namaste dakshatanaye gauri mahisamardini.
Jaya devi mahamaye, mahavidye namostute.

22. Sautation to You, daughter of King Daksha,
O Gauri, Slayer of Mahishasur.
Victory to You, O Devi Mahamaya,
Exalted Wisdom, we ever bow to You.

23. Namah paramahamsanam hridayabjanivasini.
Shabdabrahmamaye nitye, parameshvari namostute.

23. Salutation to You, residing in the heart-lotus
of perfectly enlightened souls.
You are the Everlasting Word of God,
Supreme Goddess; deeply we bow to You.

24. Samsaratapashamani, jnanajneyasvarupini.
Nadabindumaye nitye, jagatkaye namostute.

24. You cool the heat of the worldly fever. You are the world's sorrow alleviator.
You are the Knowledge as well as the Knower.
You are Immutable, Primordial Sound, and the Mystic Point
through which You bear the Cosmos as Your Body.
Deeply we bow to You.

9/21/2020 - 2:49:52 AM
19. Shive sharanye bhuteshi, bhavye shatrubhayankari.
Shatrunam darpadalini, jayam dehi ripum jahi.

19. O Shiva, source and shelter for all beings,
Your countenance is fair but fearful for the foe.
Crushing the arrogance of the enemies,
Give victory to us; exterminate the foe!

20. Mahendri matha me shatrun krodhashonitalochane.
Padme dehi shriyam mahyam, dehi bhagyam maheshvari.

20. Red are Your eyes with wrath, Mahendri.
Grind into dust my enemies.
O Lakshmi, grant me wealth and happiness.
Maheshwari bestow good fate and fortune.

21. Shive sharanye shivade, shivaduti shivapriye.
Ishvareshvari sarvajne, sarvadhykashe namostute.

21. O Shiva, giving shelter and redemption,
The messenger is Shiva and Your Love.
Omniscient One, You are supreme, sublime.
Almighty Mother, deeply we bow to You.

9/19/2020 - 2:38:16 AM
16. Sarvavyadhihari durge sarvadurgatiharini.
Tarinitaraniprakhye, tare dukhanivarani.

16. O Durge, You remove all diseases.
Before You our miseries fade away.
You shine brightly as the sun of liberation.

17. Dadimipushpasankashavandanambhojabhushite.
Shatrunam mohani maye, mahavidye namostute.

17. Your face so full of beauty
reminds me of the pomegranate flower.
Your wisdom smites the enemies with delusion.
We venerate You as the Exalted Knowledge.

18. Purnendusushamapurne sada piyushavarshini.
Padme dehi shriyam purnam namastubhyam sureshvari.

18. Endowed with the full moon's luminosity,
incessantly You pour the nectar of Your Grace.
O Lakshmi, give me wealth in full abundance.
Prostrations to You, Queen of the Gods.

9/17/2020 - 12:35:08 AM
13. Tapatrayahari nasti, twatsama bhuvanatraye.
Devi tryambakapatni twam matastrailokyavandite.

13. There is none other like You in the Three Worlds
to take away the threefold pain.
You are the consort of the three-eyed Shiva
and You are worshipped by the threefold world.

14. Jaya sarvagate durge katyayani namostute.
Namastejagadanandakarini bhavatarini.

14. O all-pervading Durga, Victory to You.
We bow to You, Katyayani.
You fill the world with joy; reverence to You
who takes us safe across the worldly sea.

15. Sarvasampatprade devi haidakhandaviharini.
Ripunam darpadalini bhuktimuktipradayini.

15. O Devi, You are giving all abundance.
You take divine delight in Haidakhan.
The arrogance of the enemies You break
and grant enjoyments and redemption.

9/15/2020 - 11:56:53 PM
10. Ambike satatam siddhaih samstute parameshvari.
Dehi saubhagyamarogyam dehi me sukhasampadah.

10. O Ambike, Sovereign Supreme,
Honored by all the perfect beings,
bestow good luck, destroy disease.
Grant wealth and happiness to me.

11. Twam purna parama vidya twamadya jagadishvari.
Twam maya shivada nitya jagattrayahitaishini.

11. You are the Perfect Highest Wisdom.
You have been Ruler of the Cosmos since the Dawn of Time.
Forever you conceal and reveal
Eternal Maya, Benefactress of the World.

12. Padapadmam sada bhaktya dhyayanti tava yoginah.
Dehi me vimalam bhaktim bhavasantapaharinim.

12. Always immersed in meditation,
the yogis venerate Your lotus-feet.
Please grant me pure and firm devotion,
dispeller of all worldly grief.

9/13/2020 - 10:02:10 PM
7. Bhasvarapangasubhaga, prasadasumukhi shiva.

7. The glances from the angles of Your eyes entrance us.
Shiva Your lovely face is full of kindness.
How beautiful You are in Your appearance.
Your upper lip is as tender as the segment of an orange.

8. Rajita dantalekhamshusvacchadharasubhasvara.
Sarojamukulakarachibukena virajita.

8. Your brilliant teeth, arrayed in perfect line
behind Your lips like radiant crystals shine.
Shaped like a lotus-flower's bud
Your chin adorns Your lovely face.

9. Sharanagatasantranaprarthanashravanature.
Shrotre shrutistutidhare, rajete manibhushane.

9. Eager You are to listen to the prayers
of those who seek from You protection.
Your ears they listen to the Vedas and the Revelations
and are adorned with ornaments and jewels.

9/12/2020 - 6:07:55 PM
4. Sphatikacchaprabha gauri shashitulyavaranana.
Ishatsmeramukhi bhavya amritaughapravarshini.

4. O Gauri, You are brilliant like the purest crystal.
Your face is like the moonshine, fine and fair.
Mysterious is the smile which lights Your face.
Like drops of nectar You are showering Your grace.

5. Purnenduvadanam charu vibhrati susmitadharam.
Adarshacchakapolabhyam srijatimaindavim prabham.

5. Sweet, like the full moon, Your face
A charming smile is playing on Your lower lip.
Fair are Your cheeks, like flawless mirrors
casting the full moon's cooling light.

6. Shonashubhramasivarnanetrapadmavibhushita.
Bhaktanam hridayadhvantam tapam papam cha nighnati.

6. The lotus gives a glimpse of Your eyes' beauty,
reflecting the three qualities of red, black, and white.
You free the hearts of Your devotees
from darkness, misery, and sins.

9/11/2020 - 9:15:46 PM

1. Uchuryogishvarah nanopayanapanayah.
Vinamrashiraso devim natva bhaktipurasharah.

1. All the perfect yogis brought various offerings in both their hands.
They bowed their heads humbly in devotion to the Devi.

2. Haidakhandeshvari payat sarvalokamaheshvari.
Dayamurtidhara nityam vishvasantranatatpara.

2. O Haidakhandeshwari Devi, Great Queen of all the Spheres,
You are Eternal Grace Incarnate, prepared to save the world.

3. Paravak parama vidya, shivasya hridayeshvari.
Sarvashrutinuta divya, ainkari murtirakshara.

3. You are the Word Divine and the Highest Wisdom,
O Queen who dwells in Shiva's heart.
You are the Sacred and Eternal "AIM"
who is glorified in all the Vedas.

9/10/2020 - 9:47:45 PM
8. Mam raksha nityam jagadavalambe
twameva satyam jagajjivani mata.
Samsara janma jvararogavaidya-
madyam bhaje haidakakhandavasinim.

8. Forever protect me, Support of the World,
You are the True Source of all life.
You heal the disease of birth in samsara.
Praise to You, Mother of Haidakhan!

9/9/2020 - 9:12:02 PM
7. Anandarupam chitishaktidiptam
vidyam param brahmarasanubhutim.
Karunyapurnam gurumurtirupam
devim namamah jagadishvarim twam.

7. Your Form is bliss, the Force and Illumination of awareness,
the knowledge of silence, the experience of the eternal spirit, the Absolute Brahman.
Your Form is the Guru, full of compassion,
We bow to You, Devi, Queen of the World, Ruler of the Universe.

9/8/2020 - 12:38:53 AM
6. Anindyasaundaryasvarupashalini
namostu Durge! Duritapaharini.

6. The graceful beauty has no comparison.
You bring us across this endless ocean of change as our savior.
You live in the heart-lotus-cave of Munindra, Hairakhan Baba.
We greet You, Durga! Destroyer of difficulty, disturbance, danger, calamity, wickedness and sins.

9/6/2020 - 6:14:21 PM
5. Namostu sarveshvari shankari shive
jayankari twam jahi shatravam, balam.
Kripasudhavarshani lokavandite
prasida matarjagatam namostute.

5. Sovereign Supreme, reigning victorious over the foe,
by all spheres You are worshipped, Consort of Shiva.
You shower the nectar of Grace, O World Mother;
be pleased. Obeisance to You.

9/1/2020 - 10:41:36 PM
4. Prasida rajeshvari rashtravarddhani
trilokasantranapare sureshvari.
Prayachha bhaktim nijapadapadmayoh
prasida matar jagatam namostute.

4. O Queen of Queens, country-uplifter,
All-present protectress of the Three Worlds,
to Your tender lotus-feet let me surrender. Give us devotion.
Be pleased. I bow to You, Mother of All.

9/1/2020 - 1:43:22 AM
3. Dayamayi tvam janani madiya
aham tvadiyosmi sutotidinah.
Kripam kuru tvam janani sharanye
pradehi bhaktim varada tvadiyam.

3. You are my dear Mother, full of compassion;
I am Your child in distress.
O Mother have mercy; in You I seek shelter.
Please bless me with ardent devotion.

8/30/2020 - 11:51:35 PM
2. Nanyosti samsarasamudramadhye
trata rite tvam janani sharanye.
Prasida vishveshvari pahi pahi
trahishvari taraya tarayamba.

2. In the midst of this sea of transient existence,
O Mother, no one but You can protect me.
O Queen of this World, I pray to You, save me!
O help me, O help me to cross this great sea.

8/30/2020 - 12:17:04 AM

1. Bhavarnave bhititarangapurne mohandhatamisrasamakuloham.
Mam raksha ambe, jagadavalambe prasida vishveshvari pahi durge.

1. High waves of fear fill this ocean of life.
The night of illusion has left me bewildered.
I pray to You Mother Durga, be pleased,
save me, O Mother, Queen of the World.

8/27/2020 - 9:11:09 PM
15. Matardainyartihantri hara hara satatam dainyaduhkham madiyam shatrunam mardanam twam kuru kuru rabhasam tivra shulapraharaih.
Dinam mam raksha vipram tavacharananatam balakam tavakinam lokeshairvanditam twam satatajayaparam chandikamashrayeham.

15. O Mother, Remover of Sufferance and Misery,
forever destroy my troubles and pains.
At once strike the enemies*, strike them, and pierce them,
hitting them hard with Your spear.
Protect me, O Chandika, hailed by the rulers of all the Three Worlds.
Protect me, poor soul; I have come to Your shelter,
a child at Your feet.

*enemies are lust, anger, ego, avarice, delusion, jealousy

8/24/2020 - 11:40:38 PM
14. Haidakhandeshvari twam sakala suranute devi vishvartihantri dinartanam sada twam bhavabhayaharane prodyata matrishaktih.
Twam gauri sarvadehe pada-kara-adhare shonarupa vibhasi bhasa shridantapankternakhadrigsushama bhasvara bhasi gaurih.

14. All the gods are praising You, Haidakhandeshwari Maya.
You are ever redeeming the world of all its afflictions,
always striving to help the aggrieved and the hopeless
in overcoming the fear of their worldly existence.
You are the Original Force, Generatrice of all.
Your effulgent appearance is fair and Your lips, Your hands
and Your feet are shining in crimson.
The perfect array of Your teeth and nails are enchanting.
Your marvelous eyes are sparkling with brilliant white light.

8/23/2020 - 8:19:12 PM
13. Shatrunam sainyamugram jahi jahi sabale tivrakuntapraharair munchanti banavarsham dala dala tvaritam patayanti trishulam.
Trahi twam mam sharanye sharanamupagatam balakam tavakinam dine hine kripam twam kuru kuru varada dehi padabjadasyam.

13. O Mighty Mother, attack the ferocious *enemies' armies
by hitting them hard with the strokes of Your spear.
Shower downpours of arrows on them and destroy them at once.
Strike with Your trident and save me, Protectress.
O Mother, protect me!
As Your child I have come to Your shelter,
troubled and hopeless.
Grant me the grace to serve at Your lotus-like feet.
*(lust, anger, ego, avarice, delusion, jealousy)

8/22/2020 - 4:01:41 PM
12. Aishvarenabhipurna tvamasi bhagavati sarvasampatpradatri rakshitri bhaktavrindam sabalanijabhujairastrashastraughapurnaih.
Lakshmih padmalaya twam twamasi suranuta sharada vedamata twam kali raudrarupa jayasi suraripun bhitihantri twameva.

12. Resplendent with might and glory, O Mother You are the Ruler,
giver of all abundance, protecting all Your devotees.
With Your powerful arms You control an entire collection of mighty weapons and armaments.
You are Lakshmi Herself whose abode is the lotus
and Saraswati as well, whom the gods praise as the Mother of Vedas.
As dreadful Kali and Raudri You reign victorious over the enemies of Gods
You alone dispel all fears.

Image source:

8/20/2020 - 3:06:21 PM
11. Nitye dhyayanti ye twam satatajapaparah shuddhabhavena purnah nirdvandvah dehagehe charanakamalayordasyapiyushatriptah.
Padabjam te manojnam bhavabhayaharanam samshritananya bhaktya tesham kalyanadatri shubha - varaphalada matrivadrakshika twam.

11. Those who remember You always within,
unceasingly calling You, repeating Your Name with purest devotion,
they have carefree body habitation,
always contented being a servant at Your lotus-feet.
Those who cling with single minded devotion to Your lotus feet
which dispel the fears of existence,
for those You care like a mother and grant them quickly
the fruit of their penance, blessing them with good fortune.

Photo of Divine Mother by JD Marston

8/19/2020 - 12:54:27 PM
10. Durge vishvartihantri jaya jaya tvaritam shatrusainyam madiyam pitva pitva praharam kuru kuru satatam chindhi shulapraharaih.
Bhaktanam bhitihantri sharanamupagatam trahi dasam prapannam sarveshamishtadatri tribhuvanajanani twatsama na dvitiya.

10. O Durga, removing the pains of this world,
Drink! Drink until You are drunk and unleash
Your fury onto the *enemies' armies, (*lust, anger, ego, avarice, delusion, jealousy)
pierce them and vanquish them with strokes of the spear.
O Giver of Shelter to those who seek Your protection,
save those servants who come to You for refuge.
Mother of the Three Worlds (Bhur, Bhuvah, Svaha),
who grants all cherished desires,
there is none equal to You!

8/17/2020 - 6:20:44 PM
9. Mahendri twam suranam sakalabhayahari siddhidatri naranam bhaktanam bhitihantri mani-mukutadhara varuni twam kripali.
Ambe! Dhyayanti ye twam stavanajapaparah shuddhabhavena purna-stesham rakshapara twam vicharasi bhuvane sarvamangalyadatri.

9. Mahendri, You are the Queen of the Devas,
removing all fears and giving perfections to mankind.
Merciful Varuni, You wear the crown bedecked with jewels
and You remove the sorrows of all Your devotees.
You roam about the Three Worlds ever ready to grant protection
to those who are deeply absorbed in prayers and meditation,
filled with purest devotion, always remembering Your Name.
Of all auspiciousness, Mother, You are the Source.

7/24/2020 - 8:22:46 PM
8. Shaktih shri vaishnavi twam vidhi-hara-haribhih samstute vishwadhatri savitri vedamata tapanatarunabha vishwavandya vibhasi.
Kali twam shatrusainyam kavalaya saganam chindhi shastrapraharair-dinam mam raksha nityam tava charanatam dasadasam twadiyam.

8. You are the Shakti of Vishnu adored by Brahma and Vishnu
as well as Mahesh (Shiva). You are sustaining the world.
Ever new and resplendent, You shine as the Light of the Sun,
praised by the world as Savitri, Mother of the Vedas.
You are Kali devouring the enemies*
armies with all their attendants,
cutting them down with Your weapons.
Mother, I am troubled. Always protect me
and make me a slave of Your lotus-feet's servants.

*The enemies are lust, anger, ego, avarice, delusion, jealousy

7/13/2020 - 3:55:34 PM
7. Yoginam yogamaya twamasi dhanavatam shrih svayam vishwabhartri hartri mohandhakaram nijakharakiranairjnaninam sharada twam.
Mahendri twam manojna nijajanajayada shakti raudratwameva Haidakhandeshvari twam sakalasuranutedevi matarprasida.

7. You are the Power of Yogis and Lakshmi Herself,
giver of Wealth to the Wealthy, Sustaining the World.
Your Bright Shining Rays destroy the night of ignorance
of those who adore You as Sharada, Goddess of Wisdom.
You are the Mighty Mahendri enchanting the mind,
giving Your people victory as the awesome power of Rudra.
O Mother Haidiyakhandi, praised by all Divine Beings,
be happy and gracious.

*All pictures of this Divine Mother murti by JD Marston. She is located at the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram in Colorado, USA.

7/11/2020 - 7:25:23 PM
A note from Mahalakshmi:
I have been updating this blog with consecutive pages of the Haidiyakhandi Sapta Shati, a book of divine prayers to Divine Mother, creatrix of All. Please see earlier posts for the forward of this book for more information on how it was created, by whom, and its beneficial aspects when recited and read. I am posting this in service for the betterment of all. Wishing you love and peace.

Shristragdhara - Devastavah

6. Haidakhandeh shivasya tvamasi shrutinuta shaktiurgra karala bhaktanam vyadhimadhim prashamaya shivade bibhrati mandahasam.
Mohadhvante madiye hridi vasa niyatam bhasvara jnanamurtir bhaktim dehishvari tvam nijapadakamale bhava purnam manojnam.

6. Praised by the Vedas as the awesome and terrible power of Shiv Haidakhandi,
Sweet smiling, You free Your devotees of their mental and physical torment.
My heart, obscured by untruth, is longing for You.
O Beautiful Mother, Resplendent with Knowledge,
give me the light of love and devotion for Your lotus feet.

7/8/2020 - 3:27:39 AM
4. Haidakhandaguhasinam paramesthigurum shivam.
Natva devaganah sarve upatasthurathambikam.

4. Having paid obeisance to the Highest Lord Shiva
residing in Haidakhan's cave,
the Devas, assembled, started their prayers
to Ambika, Mother Divine.

5. Uchurdevaganah sarve jayasva jagadambike.
Prasida parameshani, prayaccha sukhasampadah.

5. All the Gods assembled addresed Her thus; Mother of the world
be pleased. Greatest Mistress give happiness and prosperity.

7/3/2020 - 9:16:43 PM

1. Yasya kripavikshanaleshatopi
vani svayam dhavati nrityativa.
Vidyah samastah yamanuvrajanti
tasmai namah shricharanashritaya.

1. By whose glance,
the words seem to dance on the tongue,
revealing the throng of all knowledge,
to Him, Sri Charanashrit, I bow.

2. Surah yogishvarah siddhah sarve mangalakankshinah
Stuvanti namabhirdivyairjaganmatarambikam.

2. Gods, Masters of Yoga, and all the Great Saints
pray for Your blessings by praising Your holiness,
Ambika Mother with manifold Names.

3. Haidakhandeshvari devi sadgurorhridayasthita.
Abhishtasiddhida durga, sarvadevanamaskrita.

3. O Haidakhandeshvari Devi
Your abode is the Supreme Master's heart
O Durga, Fulfiller of all cherished Desires
the Devas sing always Your praise.

7/1/2020 - 6:07:31 PM
lubdham madhuvratavratayitam antaralam.

O Immortal Mahendra, Divine Incarnation.
Your lotus-like feet are worshipped by even the greatest of sages.
Prostrations I offer to you.
Just as the bees are eager to drink the sweet pollen of flowers,
So in the core of your heart
You long for the fragrance of Shriman Munindra's lotus-like feet.

7/1/2020 - 5:58:21 PM
Amba ananda rupa cha atma ahladadayini
Apara karuna bhavam parambam nityam namamyaham.

O Mother of Bliss, You fill me with supreme joy,
Your mercy is boundless, Mother, forever I bow to Thee.

"Shri Mahendra"

6/29/2020 - 9:08:43 PM
10. Shrimato haidiyakhandeh shivasya charanashritah.
Ashritan rakshatat shashvat shrimahendrah sanatanah.

10. Eternal Mahendra, forever protect your disciples,
You who have taken shelter at the lotus-like feet of Sambasadashiva Haidakhandi.

11. Shimanmunindra dayitam, dayitam mahendram
Premna pranamya grathita shatasapta mala ratnavaliva hridaye samalamkarotu.

11. Shri Mahendra you hum like a heavenly bee
about the lotus of your beloved Sadguru's feet.
To you I bow with deep love and I offer
this garland of seven hundred Names.
May they bedeck forever your heart as a necklace of jewels.

6/28/2020 - 11:41:49 PM
9. Charanashritasya charanambujarenubhaktim
charanashritasya padapankajadasadasyam.
Bhagavan prayaccha shiva haidakakhanavasin
yadi te kripamritakanasya bhavami patram.

9. Gracious Shiva, Lord of Haidakhan,
if ever I am worthy of a drop of Your mercy's nectar,
please grant me devotion to the dust on Shri Charanashrita's lotus-feet.
Allow me to serve the lowliest servant of his lotus-feet.

6/26/2020 - 9:19:05 PM
7. Shri manmahendra mamararchitapadapadmam
shri sadguroshcharanapadmasukelibhringam.
Chandram dayamayasudhanidhimanthanottham
samsaradavadahanartiharam natosmi.

7. Mightly Mahendra, even the Gods worship your lotus feet.
The way a honeybee would hum round a flower,
You play around the lotus feet of the Supreme Master.
Out of the churned ocean of nectar
You are arising like the graceful moon,
to quell the forest fire of the world's afflictions.

8. Natosmi te natha padararvindam
bhatartiham bhaktisudhasamudram.
Surarchitam chandranakhaishujushtam

8. O Lord, you remove all the sorrows of your devotees.
Ocean of Purest Devotion, prostrations to you.
Even the Gods worship your lotus-feet's toenails shining like moonlight.
High Master you are worshiped by sentient and insentient beings.

6/23/2020 - 10:12:50 PM
5. Samashritam yairdridhanishchayena
te nirbhayah vitasamastachintah.
bhavambudheh paramanuprapannah.

5. Those seekers who, firmly determined, hold onto that boat,
continue their journey through this transient ocean of life
free of fear and worries and finally reach the other shore.

6. Konyo dayalushcha - anathanathah
kostiha loke sabalah sanathah.
Dayavataro dalitartabandhuh
yadrik sharanyosti mahendranathah.

6. Who else is as merciful as our Protector,
all powerful Lord of orphans, Shri Muni Mahendra?
He is the embodiment of compassion,
brother as well as refuge of the aggrieved.

6/22/2020 - 11:35:32 PM
4. Shrunvantu shrantah dukhadainyatapta-
strishartadinah bhavabhitapanthah.
Padambujam shricharanashritasya

4. Listen, O travelers, tired, grief stricken and poor,
tormented with burning thirst here in this journey of life, loaded with fears,
take hold of the vessel of Yogi Mahendra's protection
which ferries you safely across the deep ocean of life.

6/22/2020 - 12:09:49 AM
3. Tvam nityameva sarasam nijacatakebhyo
varshamstritapashamani mamritaughadharam.
Samsaradavadahanam shamayanmahogram
tranam karoshi satatam bhavabhitiharin.

3. Just as the rainbird thrives on the water of raindrops alone
so your devotees are drinking the shower of your blessing's sweet nectar.
Quelling the fire of worldly afflictions,
extinguishing the conflagration of mundane existence,
you always protect them dispelling their fears.

6/19/2020 - 4:21:43 PM
2. Chaitanyamritachandrasannibhamajam
varshantam nijanetradidhitisudham
snigdhaih kripavikshanaih.
Ye dhyayanti hridi sthitam tava vibho
rupam param bhasvaram
te vindanti shivam shivasya sharanam
sarvapadam shamakam.

2. Your image resembles the rising moon above the ocean of blissful awareness,
Eternal and always fulfilling the wishes of your devotees.
The compassionate glance of your luminous eyes
is radiating with sweetest affection.
Those who remember your brilliant, shining appearance
deep in the core of their hearts,
they will attain liberation and Shiva's protection
and all their misfortunes will come to an end.

6/19/2020 - 4:12:20 PM
1. Haidakhandaviharisadguru
kripadharam jagatpavanim
tvam vai namasudham-sudhadharakari
samplavitam varshasi.
Dhanyah shricharanashritasya
chaturvargika triptidanarasiko

1. We greet you Mahendra. On you is always
the Grace of Satguru Haidakhandvihari.
Cleansing streams are unleashed by your grace
to submerge the world with the Nectar of the name.
Who other than you could have taken the vow
to grant to all the fourfold fulfillment,
of wealth, enjoyments, perpetual law, and deliverance?

6/16/2020 - 9:38:10 PM

Om I bow to the Great Lord of Sages

Shri siddha siddheshvara shricaranashrita
shri munindra mahendradevanam.

This script I offer into the lotus-hands of Shri Mahendra
The King of Munis who has taken shelter
At his beloved Master's lotus feet,
The royal ruler of all sages, Haidakhandi.

*More information on Shri Mahendra can be found here:

6/15/2020 - 4:50:45 PM
Forward for Shri Haidiyakhandi Sapta Shati

Amba anandarupa ca atma - ahladadayini.
Aparakaruna - bhavam parambam nityam namamyaham.

-Shri Mahendra

Amba, image of bliss,
You bestow supreme joy to the soul,
being of unlimited compassion. To You, Supreme Mother
I forever offer my prostrations.

-Shri Mahendra

*For a complete guide to pronunciation, it is best to buy the book itself. In it are special characters to show specific pronunciation as well as each Sanskrit word and its accompanying English translation.
This divine text can be found at Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, Babaji's main ashram in Uttarakhand, India and at the many sister ashrams around the world.
It can be ordered directly from Haidakhandi Universal Ashram in Crestone, CO USA:

6/14/2020 - 4:10:10 PM
Vishnu Datta Mishra, Shastriji
Author of the Haidakhandi Sapta Sati, to follow.
More information about him can be found here:

6/14/2020 - 3:47:08 PM
The Author of the Haidakhandi Sapta Sati:
Vishnu Datta Mishra, Shastriji.
Babaji often called him "the purest man on Earth."

6/14/2020 - 2:46:49 PM

He who is adorned with all the divine perfections; the ultimate Being, who gives all; the Supreme Yogi; the Swan of Knowledge, who lives in the heart of the knowing; the Supreme Teacher of the Art of Yoga; the Lord of the Universe, whose sanctuary is Kashi (Benares); the Lord who dwells in the sacred cave of Mt. Kailasha, the King of Sages, the Lord of Haidakhan gives HIS


and says:
"The Great Power that is the cosmic Maya, the Supreme Divine Energy, the Mother Goddess of Haidakhan embodies the totality of all that is to be known (the ten mahavidyas), being the combined divine Grace-Energy of the Goddess Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasarasvati. To worship the lotus feet of the Universal Goddess in this form gives human life its highest realization.

"The publication of the Shri Haidakhandeshvari Sapta Shati is a great blessing and boon, as it facilitates Her worship:
every word of this great prayer is a divine mantra. Reading and reciting it cures incurable diseases, rids the mind of worries and solves all problems while the aspirant on the spiritual path attains the divine perfection he desires: prosperity in life, worldly happiness and spiritual peace.

"These divinely inspired prayers are written for the Divine Energy which resides in My heart; they are being published for the benefit of the world. For those who speak Hindi, there is appended a translation of these verses. Appended is also the Shri Mahabhairava Stotra and its Hindi translation; its recitation will give the same results.

"Believers all on the path to God, come and worship the Divine Mother with these great verses.

"Receive happiness, prosperity, and peace. Allow these prayers to make you happy. This is My wish and Blessing for you."

(Taken down according to the dictated instruction of BABAJI.)

The picture is of Babaji and Shastriji.

6/13/2020 - 2:11:46 AM
Everyday I read from the Haidakhandi Sapta Sati. It is a book of prayers to the Divine Mother. When I read these divine words, all the joy and peace in my heart shine out from me like rays of light, reverberating in every cell, and I can't help but smile. The smile in my heart remains. The prayers in this book are of an unbelievable energy: pure, divine, that of enlightenment itself.

This divine book is written by Vishnu Datta Mishra, Haidakhan Babaji's Shastri at Hairakhan.

I will now update this blog consecutively with a passage or two from the Haidakhandi Sapta Sati, including the introduction to the book written by Shastriji himself and by Babaji, in the next entry.

The Appearance of the Divine Mother of Haidakhan

On May 25th, 1969, one month before the most worshipful divine Master Mahendra Maharaja left his body, he called me to Vrindavan by sending two telegrams to my home in Rajgarh, Rajasthan. These were his words when we met: "Brother Vishnu, if the Lord should appear during my absence, then this mantra will help you to recognize Him. As far as I know, this mantra is known only to the Lord and to no one else. It is mahamantra and was given to me by the Lord Himself at Siddhashram: it comes from His own divine lips and is a priceless jewel for many lives."

As he spoke to me, the most worshipful divine master smiled and touched my head three times with his lotus hand.

When, in February, 1971, Sri Haidakhan Bhagavan came to Samba Sada Shiva Kunja, Vrindavan, I was overcome, when I heard, word for word, the same mantra from the Lord's own lips. My heart was filled with joy and my soul was immersed in a sea of bliss; my body felt elated, my voice failed me. Then the conviction dawned in me that He is the Ultimate Absolute Divine, worshipped by our most beloved divine Master, that immortal Being of the beginning of time, indestructible, beyond vision, the Lord Narayana, who resides in Haidakhan.

That same morning at Samba Sada Shiva Kunja I met an old friend of mine, Shri Vora of Bombay who is a devotee of Mahendra Maharaja. As soon as we met he said to me: "Shastriji, a few days ago I had a divine dream: a young maiden of very fair complexion appeared to me: Her hair fell over the back of her shoulders, Her forehead was luminous, Her eyes very large. When I asked her: "Who are You?", she replied: "I am Haidakhandesvari" but when I asked further, She only said: "Search for Me!"

Having told me this episode, my friend asked me: "Can you tell me something about Haidakhandesvari?" Immediately I took out my manuscript of the "Sri Haidakhandesvari Sapta Sati" from my bag and said to him: "These are seven hundred verses I have written in praise of the Divine Mother of Haidakhan. When I presented them to our divine Master, he put the book on his head and started to dance, saying 'I am only a crow and do not deserve this beautiful script; when the swan will come, within your lifetime, then give it to Him.' Today his blessing and instruction are going to be fulfilled, when I will show this book to Lord Haidakhan."

When he saw my manuscript and getting in this way such an immediate reply to his question, Mr. Vora was overjoyed. The Lord Himself then had a painting of the Divine Mother made by Mr. K.D. Tripati of Vrindavan, directing every detail of its execution.

The events related above are the grace of the Supreme Goddess, the Divine Mother of Haidakhan and the manifested miracle of the divine incarnations of Lord Siva, in the Lord of Haidakhan.

Vishnu Datta Mishra (Shastriji)

6/5/2020 - 5:30:29 PM